Who has purchased a new Mini iPod?

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I'm on the edge about the new iPods, believe it or not. I think that if they were available today, I would buy one.

What I want to know is, who has already purchased a new Mini iPod? I don't want to know why you *didn't* buy one because they were too expensive, so keep the "But you can get a 15 GB iPod for only $50 more!" out of this thread.

If you did buy a Mini iPod, what color did you get, and which accessories?


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    If I didn't already own a 30GB, I'd have ordered a green one immediately. I absolutely love the case design. I'm getting one as soon as I can come up with a justification. D

    I will definitely be purchasing one in a few months to give as a gift, probably silver. (Safest to not make assumptions about whether or not someone likes a particular color.) I had planned to buy the 10GB model but this will be cooler and 4GB is plenty roomy for someone just getting into digital music.
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    709709 Posts: 2,016member
    I'm ordering one for the gf as soon as we can see the green one in person. Otherwise it's the silver one.

    Also ordering the dock, in-ear headphones, arm band and possibly the remote.
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    macflymacfly Posts: 256member
    i keep asking myself why i need one...the truth is i dont. but i REALLY want one anyway. im going to wait until i can acutally see it in person but im leaning towards the silver...maybe the pink just to be different..although a deep rich purple or black would be just what the doctor ordered. i already have a 40 but could see using this one just for the daily commute and gym.
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    wrong robotwrong robot Posts: 3,907member

    Originally posted by macfly

    i already have a 40 but could see using this one just for the daily commute and gym.

    Makes you wonder if apple anticipated people like you.

    I would get one too if I didn't already have a 20 GB, I really like the new design. I think it would make a killer birthday present for someone though
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    macflymacfly Posts: 256member
    im sure they did..would have caught even more like me if they had made it sub$200.

    another accessory they should add is a converter that would go on your key ring to fit into the bottom slot and give u a usb fitting so that it could be used like a flash keyring drive. that would be cool. since they made it a proprietary cable (bad move) nobody has those lying around wherever they might need to bring a backup of something.
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    messiahtoshmessiahtosh Posts: 1,754member
    Me baby, me.

    The blue one with my nickname on the first line for laser engraving, and my last name and phone number on the bottom. Costs me $230 through the Penn State education store.8)

    I am going to buy a car adapter for it to play over the radio and get some nice pair of headphones. I am going to take this to the gym also actually. I run 4 times a week for about 45 minutes and this would be way nicer than my "clunker" original iPod. CANT WAIT, I'M A MINIATURE FREAK AND AN OWNER OF THE G4 CUBE, hehe. This blue will look amazing next to my white flat panel iMac.
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    You cant buy them yet, just pre-order, not available till February in the US and April in the ROTW (Rest of the World)......

    Sounds like they will only just have started the factories on the production runs ....
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    Pink one for the gf (oo-er missus) as soon as you can get em this side of the pond.
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    I'm curious if the desktop icon comes in five different colors too.
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    messiahtoshmessiahtosh Posts: 1,754member
    Heres my purchase explaination.

    I just purchased an iPod mini and am so damn excited about it. I own the original iPod and I just sold it to my brother Nick for $50 because I've always wanted him to have an iPod because he's a violinist. He deserves this and I feel like I owe Apple because I havent bought anything from them in two years and this just called to me. Perfect price, perfect size, perfect color (blue). I cant wait....FEBRUARY 16th isnt going to come soon enough!

    I really cant justify the expenditure, but I dont have to. Im an 18 year old kid that works for minimum wage at Hollywood Video and I just blew 35 hours worth of a paycheck on this, but I dont mind. I love this product already.

    It is true that depending on how you use it, 1,000 songs is enough storage capacity for the average user. I really think that for my uses (30 minutes of running per day) and such, this is a great deal. My parents work for Penn State University so I got a little $30 discount to bring it to $242 with tax and shipping. All told I spent $190 because of the $50 my bro gave me for the old iPod. I'm thrilled with this purchase, its just so minature and sexy.....iLove iPod min
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    I think I may get one. It would be the perfect b-day present for the fiancee. Luckily it's not til April, so I have some time to come up with the scratch for it. She's already got a 5giger (original), but I think she would use this one WAY more because of the size. If I sell the one she's got, I think I can justify getting this one for her. She'd like it.
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    I have a 15 Gig, but am seriously thinking about getting one. I can use my iPod for taking my entire music collection to work and the mini for running and short trips...that's my justification anyway.

    Oh, and blue.
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    homhom Posts: 1,098member
    I've got a 30GB with about 22GB used, but I am going to buy a mini when I get a chance to see them up close. It's prefect for waiting for the subway when I want to go out and get drunk. If I do get one, it's going to be gold. Bling Bling Baby!
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    I thought about it but clearly the new sweet spot in the iPod range is the 15 gig. It is hard to tell from photos but the mini whilst nice looking, seems to have quite a smaller screen - I think the standard size iPod is going to be better overall, not just in terms of storage capacity but the ergonomics of the screen, scroll-wheel, etc.

    Actually, the more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that the mini was introduced to make the 15 gig look better. Certainly I am no longer worried if I have a dock or wired remote anymore - things that used to swing me in favor of the 20 gig over the 10 gig. How context changes stuff eh.

    By the same token it appears that all Apple now have to do to make the mini look good is introduce the mini mini schiller was talking about.
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    Certainly I am no longer worried if I have a dock or wired remote anymore - things that used to swing me in favor of the 20 gig over the 10 gig. How context changes stuff eh.

    Very true - before getting my iPod, I was convinced that the in-line remote would be cool, but I never use it \. However, I love the dock - I know it does the same thing as the cable, but my desk looks much cooler with the iPod standing up between the iMac and the printer 8).


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    othelloothello Posts: 1,053member
    i don't have an ipod, but i bought my wife a 20gig for christmas. now thats love for you!

    but she's just seen the mini's and LOVES them. so we might do a trade...
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member

    Originally posted by musicaltone

    By the same token it appears that all Apple now have to do to make the mini look good is introduce the mini mini schiller was talking about.

    mini mini? what, are they going to do a deal with m&ms or something?

    I'm going to get my sister an iPod mini... the question is what color and when... see, it was supposed to be a christmas present from me and my brother... so I'd really like to get it ASAP...

    what drives me crazy is that it doesn't work with the old docks... (WHY THE HELL NOT?!)

    probably goona get the blue or pink one for her...
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    cubs23cubs23 Posts: 324member
    If they go $200, it is mine for sure. My brother and I are sharing a 20 gb iPod already, but the mini would be perfect for my favorites playlist. Although I split the cost with him, I want my own. It may seem expensive, but that is what I thought about the iPod. The mini is growing on me like no other.
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    i HAVE to buy one.

    My wife was bored today at work, started clicking links in safari, and ended up on apple's web site.


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    My GF just ordered one. She HAD to have MP3 player before christmas so she bought a 128mb MPIO from Best Buy. She refused to listen to me when I told her to wait for MacWorld due to the "mini" rumors.

    I sent her the link and pics after they were released. She immediately took back her already open and used MPIO to Best Buy (who actually took it back no questions asked). We just ordered one through University Apple Store 5 minutes ago. She got silver with her name engraved and the arm band.

    I am jealous but cannot convince myself to get one since I already have a 15gig biggy iPod.
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