Splicing mp3s in garageband:

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Will it be possible to import multiple mp3/aac files from iTunes, splice two or more songs together, create an mp3 that is a combination of all the mixed songs, and then export the final product to iPhoto to use in a slideshow?

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    i dont think so... i think only aiff's and midi's are supported (obviously you can always convert if you want). someone correct me if im wrong
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    it is most likely the case that only .aif, .wav and .mid are supported.

    these being uncompressed formats(.aif and .wav) and data(.mid)

    .mp3 and .aac are compressed, so you can't manipulate them the same ways.
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    I think I heard that you can drop an mp3 into Garageband and it will automagically convert it into aif. But AAC is not supported apparently. Anways, you can always convert it to aif using iTunes and then drop it in garageband. Then export it back to iTunes (aif format), and then convert back to mp3/AAC. So the answer is yes, with some elbow grease.

    Also, the new iPhoto will play playlists in slideshows now, so you might not need that function.
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