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each time i look up some logs in i notice that particular message about an particular app, whether i did use that app or i did not.

(cope paste from console)

2004-01-20 16:30:07.820 Installer[465] CFLog (0):

\tCFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): plist parse failed; the data is not proper UTF-8. The file name for this data could be:

\tContents/Info.plist -- file://localhost/Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%207/Adobe%20Photoshop%207.0/

\tThe parser will retry as in 10.2, but the problem should be corrected in the plist.

There are no problems with the app but i simply would like to understand, what this message means. Any hints appreciated.


is there any terminal command, that would compute a quick addition of all ppp online sessions (per week, day etc.). it would be pretty usefull to me, because i would have a kind of overview, you know...

it would be really nice to have a little number, that'd tells you your total time, which you spent online

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    On #1, this message is simply telling you that the file in question was not properly formatted. UTF-8 is a type of text formatting that can express any character out there (ok.. I am over-simplifying...), so that characters out of non-western (and even some western) can be expressed (think Chinese, or Arabic, or even Klingon... I kid you not).

    If you have a copy of BBEdit, this change is very easy to make, you open it, change the encoding to UTF-8, and save. But it does not sound like it is hurting things much. I would guess that the programmers over at Adobe missed one little thing in their programming, and are simply outputting ASCII text, and that something in your setup requires a "higher bit" character. An ü, or an é perhaps?
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