Persistent Chirping G5

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I have a dual 2GHz G5. I had the video card replaced to fix my start up problems and I just had the power supply replaced to fix the chirping/noise problem. Except the last replacement didn't really help.

However, when I use the CHUD tools' System Preferences Panel and uncheck the NAP feature, the sound goes away.

Is it cool to do this or not? i.e., Will switching this checkbox off for extended periods harm the machine in any way? I haven't seen anything official from Apple one way or the other, have you?


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    Do it at your own risk.


    The AppleCare rep on the phone confirmed that the power supplies were the culprit (on the Duals) for the 'chirping/beeping' noises, and that they were quietly replacing them to people who complained.

    The rep also noted that internal AppleCare docs mandated that the reps tell people NOT to use CHUD tools/Nap fix to solve the problem -- apparently it is NOT good for the system.

    Emphasis mine. More info at the link.
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