I got a private message...

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from someone asking me if I was really Steve Job's wife. LOL


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    billybobskybillybobsky Posts: 1,914member
    Its steve... he is looking for you...
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    Did you say yes?
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    messiahtoshmessiahtosh Posts: 1,754member

    Originally posted by \\/\\/ickes

    Did you say yes?

    I said we were just recently divorced.
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    Hehe... Hey Brad! Change his member title to "Steve's ex-wife"!
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    gilschgilsch Posts: 1,995member

    Originally posted by Messiahtosh

    I said we were just recently divorced.

    So much for ammending the constitution to protect the sanctity of marriage eh?
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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    tell them it just isn't recognized in some jurisdictions
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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    Hey! The only reason I wanted to know was....


    You didn't say who it was.

    Well, back in to my hole I crawl. I'll come out again in a few years.

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    machemmachem Posts: 319member
    Do you have a black 3-series with "INF LOOP" plates?
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member

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