Pepsi & iPod: The Lovefest continues

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Just thought I would post this as I haven't seen it mentioned yet.

You people in North America got your free downloads, well now Pepsi is looking after Australians who are yet to get the iTMS; From June 1 thru to July 11 Pepsi are giving a 15gig iPod away every hour, every day. Thats something like 700 odd iPod's. You just have to buy a Pepsi and then txt the code on the inside of the wrapper.

I'm going to switch to Pepsi for that period.



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    nocnitsanocnitsa Posts: 24member
    er... Nope, not all North Americans. Just those from the USA.

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    thedustinthedustin Posts: 176member
    I noticed that on the .au website the other day. I, for about .3 seconds tried to figure out a way to do it in the U.S. Oh yea, not possible.

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