Help with file extension association problem

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I have a problem with .MBOX file association (mailbox export files from They are not assigned to mail i switched them to be associated with entourage for a client that uses that program. However the system didn't like that and now they are associated with the FINDER and are now they are all folders. I can't get back to that screen in the INFO window cause its sees it as a folder now.

Even new ones i export are seen as folders. Also right clicking on them to get the "open with" dialogue does not work either since again its a folder and no longer a file.

Any thoughts?


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    Originally posted by O and A

    I have a problem with .MBOX file association (mailbox export files from ...

    Any thoughts?

    A couple of days ago i posted a thread, where i asked for help concerning invisible posts in one of my mail accounts. The mail icon told me THAT there actually were some posts in my account, but didn't show or let me see them

    The problem i had was the account in question had a "corrupted"/damaged whatsoever .mbox file, which the mail account is/was associated with. The .mbox file changed for some reason into a seemingly normal finder folder. And that is why i couldn't read my posts

    So, i simply put the ".mbox folder" into the trash bin, logged out/in, launched again, and everything worked fine so far. No more damaged .mbox file *knock, knock*

    Besides, nobody could tell me, HOW a former .mbox file, which changed into a finder folder, could easily changed back into a proper .mbox file again. Though...

    perhaps that helps.
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