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i was wondering if i could use my digital camera as a webcam. i have the sony dsc-f707. is it posible? what kind of software do i need and were do i get it?



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    I've never heard of any way to use a digital still camera as a webcam. Only video cameras.

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    There are some digital cameras that can be used as web-cams, but my quick search did not seem to indicate that this was one of them. The problem is that these devices are not designed to be controlled over USB. The USB connection only goes to the flash reader, and not to any other part of the camera, so there is no way to stream the data from the CCD through the USB connection.

    There is also the issue that web cams have to have extra hardware to compress the video stream so that it will fit through USB 1.1, and that would have to be added to the camera.

    Digital camcorders, on the other hand, can almost all be used for this purpose, as FireWire is a big enough pipe that they can stream this data without any video compression (and they already have some hardware for this built in).
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