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I'm looking to buy a flatbed scanner and require some advice. I'm not up to speed with recent developments with scanners, but a quick look around PC WORLD in Glasgow would seem suggest that they've fairly come down in price recently - and that they are dead flimsy.

We had a quick look at Canon and Epson scanners. They all seem to be a reasonable price and they all seem to have impressivley high resolutions.

We'd like a cheap but decent scanner, i.e. nothing too fancy. I guess image quality is the main consideration, way more important than fancy gadgets. We'd also like the option of a tranny adapter.

We're not going to be scanning anything for print or colour correction (we're actually just going to be using it to trace things in Illustrator).

Compatability with Panther (not Classic) is a given.

Anybody out there know anything about scanners?


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    daveleedavelee Posts: 245member
    I am quite happy with my old Canon 1240 flatbed. It is very slim. It was about £90 or so.

    The newer model I think is the LiDE 50 or 80 (USB2). Canon took a while to get drivers out for OS X, but they are pretty good. I usually still use it through the canoscan driver in photoshop.

    Not much use I know, but I would certainly recommend it.
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