iMovie 4.0.1 - Can import, but can't export to tape. Help!

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I can import footage from my Sony Digital8 camcorder fine, just like always. But when I try to export it to tape (the same one I just imported from) my iMac gives me an error message that I have lost my connection. I click on the "Import" button on the screen, and it can still import footage fine. The write protect tab is not extended so I should be able to export to tape just as in earlier versions of iMovie. Also, I still have absolutely no problem kicking the iMovie project to iDVD and burning it to DVD. Just seems to be an export (actually "Share") from the menu problem. Keep re-checking all my iMovie preferences and they all seem to be set correctly. I get the same error message from all four possible camcorder/computer combinations. (I have two different Sony Digital8 camcorders, and two different Macs.)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

As always, thanks in advance!


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    amoryaamorya Posts: 1,103member
    Some camcorders don't support video import from the computer - it's because of the extra import duty that applies to camcorders that can record from DV. Maybe you've been caught out by that?
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    slackulaslackula Posts: 262member
    Amorya: Thanks for the note. The only thing is, I have never had this problem before and have been working with various versions of iMovie for the past year and a half. (And have been using the same Sony Digital8 camcorders all along.)

    I usually just burn to DVD using iDVD. But infrequently I want to export back to DV tape. I never had any problem previously. I think this may be the first time I have attempted to export back to DV tape since upgrading to iMovie 4 earlier this year. I'm wondering if it is just somehing flukey with iMovie 4 and my camcorder which did not exist in iMovie 3?

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