Need help converting one doc format to another.

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This document was given to me by a co-worker. This is a one of a kind document and only need to convert one (otherwise, if we had many, I'd but maclink plus 14). It is a wordperfect document and I need to convert it to a word document. Does anyone here know of a path (application or web-based, or otherwise) to help me convert this?




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    tokentoken Posts: 142member
    What about trying Neooffice/J. I believe it (being an OpenOffice derivate) is able to open Wordperfect files. It can be found here..
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    Pretty impressive, downloaded it- but cannot find anything on opening the wordperfect document. Have tried several different options using NeoOffice, but to no avail. Any other suggestions? (Thanks btw, this software is killer!)

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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    Can you not just open it up in Word on the Mac? Just curious, you have several options as to what format you want it to decode from...

    Other than that, I would not know, but it is worth a shot.
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    gabidgabid Posts: 477member
    What you need is this:

    Why? It's the final version of WordPerfect for Mac, available for free, and able to run in Classic. Doesn't work 100% of the time, but this has helped me out quite a bit when I've been sent WordPerfect files.
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    Word does not do it, but the WP for Mac did it, thank you!! Much apprecaited!

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    You can always buy a copy of MacLink 13 for around $10... worth it for the few times a year I need it.
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