Nokia 6600 or SE 630?

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I need a new phone I broke my Siemens S55 (which I was very happy with).

So now I am thinking about getting either a Nokia 6600 or SE 630.

Which would be better to get?

I want to be able to test web pages on the phone. I know that I can put opera on the nokia, but there is a web browser for the SE as well.

Does anyone know if I can view pages stored locally on either phone?

Does anyone have either of these phones? if so what are you experiences?

How well do they sync to the mac?




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    g-dogg-dog Posts: 171member
    neither! get the 3595!!!

    nah just kiddin'

    I'd go with the 6600. good battery life and easier to use.

    besides I here it even has snake and memory on it.
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