need help with a airport express.

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I have a new airport express and a original airport ( graphite) base. The express is connected to a stereo and the graphite to a router.

I know that I can't wds the two together, but I want to know if I can keep connected to the internet with my graphite, while sending music to the express.

As it is now I can do one or the other, it works but it's sort of a pane to have to shut off the tunes to surf the net.

So can I split my signal and run both at the same time since they can't intereact? or is there simply not enough bandwidth to split between the two wireless devices.

Thanks for the help ladies and gents, having a wonderful resource such as this board really helps the mac community


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    I only have an Express, and have never even used a regular (new/old, white/graphite) base station, but the first thing that comes to mind is that you don't have the Express becoming part of the graphite network.

    The second thing, but something I don't think is (or should be the case) is that the 802.11b in the graphite, can't handle both.
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    I think you can only be part of one AirPort network at a given time. I have an AirPort Express (just got it last weekend, woo hoo) and I am connected to both it and my wired router. I can stream music and print wirelessly while plugged into my router. I have 2 IP addresses, a 192.168.0.x for the wired router and a 10.0.1.x for the AirPort network. The base station is actually plugged into one of the ports on my router. In my Network prefs, in my Home setting, I have Ethernet as my primary interface. If I unplug from the router, the AirPort suddenly becomes my internet port, otherwise it just streams the music.

    Is WDS the only way you can use the Express as a repeater? That seems to me to be the only way to get this to work like you want. The graphite base station may simply be too old. Make sure you have the Express set to be b only, rather than b/g compatible. That apparently sometimes makes a difference.
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    got it to work just had to set it up differently, thanks for all the help I recieved from you kind smarty people
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