Good, cheap 802.11g router suggestions? Any Toronto deals?

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Hi all,

I'm looking to pick up an 802.11g router to share DSL and network together a few computers in a mixed Mac/PC home. I'm looking for something not too pricey (in $CDN) that has decent range.

I see the Linksys WAP54G everywhere at good prices, and I know it uses the Broadcom chipset, so it will work with my Airport Extreme cards. But some reviews suggest the range isn't that hot. What are people's experiences with this? Are there other brands/models people suggest? Oh, and does using a non-Broadcom-based router (such as D-Link, I think) cause any problems with Airport Extreme?

Finally, as my subject line suggests, any tips for good deals in Toronto would be most appreciated; I'll be moving down there next week and will be shopping around at that time.

Thanks in advance!


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    squashsquash Posts: 332member
    I have no issues with my linksys

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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Get the WRT54G instead, so you have the option of using non-Linksys firmwares, like the one from .
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    hhoganhhogan Posts: 117member
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    gabidgabid Posts: 477member
    Oops! I did mean the WRT54G. And those prices at Canada Computers look pretty good. I think I'll check them out next week.
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