Calling All Halo Xbox user

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Hey guys I love playing Halo with my friends and I recently discovered Aquaduck for OS X(which is like XBconnect). For those not familiar this fool the Xbox into thinking that it's on a LAN and let's you play online from people all over the world for free. All you need is a Mac and a high speed connection.

This is freaking awesome cause Halo is not even an online game(except for the PC and Mac versions).

Just wordering if anyone already uses Aquaduck or is interested in playing

If you have an Xbox and own Halo you can play with a broadband connection.

So obiously already have a Mac if not you wouldn't be reading this.

We should have a Official Halo tag name thread for Aquaduck

you can find the app


it's a free download

I would love to play against you guys so I can practice cause some punk kids beat the crap out of my team the other day( I rearly play anymore but i'm looking to start playing again) So I need practice.


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    Yep - I discovered it a while ago, and it's great to play Halo online, although you really miss having a headset like you get on most Live games.

    ...holding out for Halo 2 ! I really hope they allow you to limit the skill level of people in your games, because I usually get my ass handed to me by some 12 year old kid. Not funny when you respawn and die instantly from a pistol shot to the head. For the 20th time.
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    yup me too I get killed sometimes very fast but sometimes I haded it out pretty good to

    That's a great app but can you host your own games or can you only join?
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Question: is this only against other AquaDuck users, or can you play against PCs too?

    Oh and BTW, Halo didn't support Live to begin with, so you're not losing headset capabilities.
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    yes you can take out frustation against PC user's all day long. We play with them through Xbox Connect the PC version of AquaDuck the thing is that only PC user through XC can host games we can only join. That kinda sucks but I hope this becomes available in future version on AquaDuck.
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    That is freakin' sweet!! Thanks for the heads up!!

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