Stupid Entourage 2004!

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Or maybe stupid me.

I have Entourage setup so that it files all email between my boss in one folder.

I just upgraded to Entourage 2004, and now all of my replies have disappeared. If I search for them, it says that they're in my "Boss" folder, but they don't appear in the default view (I have it arranged by received, oldest on top). I can't find a way to make my own new messages appear in this folder, although the ones previous to the update are still there. Suggestions?


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    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I don't have a great answer. ENT 24K seems wonky to me.

    My issue is this. I've been using ENT X very successfully. My university implemented SSL for online IMAP and NNTP, so I had to order Office 2004 and use Thunderbird in the meantime. I don't like TBird. I like ENT.

    Right now ENT works perfectly for NNTP, IMAP and my personal POP.

    But, at work, where I know the system very well, ENT 2004 will not connect to my POP account. I have retained the ENT X app which connects perfectly. When I import accounts/settings etc. from X to 2004, the POP account will not work in '04. I have manually set the account up in '04. I have used the TCP/IP address rather than the server name. Neither works.

    Usually it simply spins, but sometimes I get an error message that the account settings are incorrect or the DNS server is not working. The problem is not the server, it pings, traces and works fine from other applications. Only ENT '04 doesn't connect.

    Does anyone know what this might be, or how I might trace the problem?
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    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but too have an unrelated issue. When I try to boot into windows safe mode, it tells me it has found new hardware. But when i boot back into normal mode, it doesn't recognize my extranal USB 2.0/FW800 hard drive (maxtor 19GB). I tried formatting and reinstalling, but it doesn't helps. ANy ideas??
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