iTunes -- embedded Rating

in macOS edited January 2014
Ok -- Why doesn't iTunes embed your Rating so you don't have to redo everything if your library file corrupts?!!??

I'm on Windows iTunes right now; is it different when i move everything to the apple version?

Do I have to convert my 'ID3' tags?

this makes me sad.


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    Because your ratings are kept in a separate xml file. This way, every user of your computer with a different account can have their own rating. (You understand that different user could rate the same songs differently, right?). You need to back up this file if you want to keep your ratings if something happens.
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    Ok well that makes sense if you share a computer and/or have a family; but in my case -- NOBODY touches my computer but me... in addition, when i send a cd or two to a friend, i want him to see the favorites.

    Makes sense but should be OPTIONAL IMO.

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