iPod Photo: No Photo Sharing?

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Am I correct in understanding that you can't share photos with the iPod Photo? I mean, I know you can play them on a TV, but can't you plug your iPod Photo into someone else's computer and give them copies of your JPGs?

There's no DRM on personal pics, so to me this is a critical feature. I suspect someone will develop some shareware to offer this, but I think Apple should make it a feature.


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    I haven't spent a whole lot of time looking at the spec sheets but I don't think that the iPod Photo keeps a copy of the original photo on it's hard drive.

    From what I gathered, it copies a thumbnail of the digital photo. The small iPod screen and the NTSC TVs do not have very high resolution so the thumbnail does just fine for display purposes.

    However, I think you can use the iPod as a portable hard drive to save the high-res pics. That way you can share them with your friends.
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    sounds like its an option for full size or reduced....check out the right side near the top entitled "A Fine Array of Formats"

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    Just an update. I spoke with a friend who has an iPod Photo. He says when you sync the iPod Photo with your photoalbums you have the choice of low-res or full-res. If you choose low-res then thumbnails of the photos are created and stored on the iPod as one large file in some format foreign to all but the iPod itself.

    But...if you choose full-res, then in addition to thumbnails the actual photos are copied to the iPod when you sync. They are stored in a folder that is easily accessible when you use your iPod as a hard drive. Cool beans!
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    isn't that kinda what i said?
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    Originally posted by shagstlm

    isn't that kinda what i said?

    I suppose it was, but not having an iPod Photo myself, your post wasn't clear to me. Also, the Apple site seems to only indicate 'sharing' photos means 'showing' photos, on the small screen, a big screen, etc. I wanted to be able to 'give' a file to anyone who wants it, and I'm glad to see the iPod Photo makes that possible.
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    i know i was just giving you a hard time
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