what's the best solution for wireless internet acess for Mac and PC

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I bought an airport extreme router to use for my getting shared access for my roommates Dell and my Apple ibook laptop. Now I'm being warned to go with a linksys or d link router: i wiull have fewer headaches with the pC, which is runnibg windows millenium. Apppe says windows 2000 is compatible, but I'm not sure is millenium edition fits there. Any suggestions for make and model will be appreciated.



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    I use a linkys router with my macs and my PC and works great, I recommend it...

    windows millenium is older than win 2000 and btw win me is a piece of shit! but if you are going to admin the airport router with your mac you would't have any problem
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    I'm trashing my Linksys 802.11g wireless router soon. I just bought a Netgear that I hope will be better. That Linksys router is a pile of crap. It decides when it's going to transmit. I can watch the signal strength go up and down, on and off all day long.
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    i really like the quality of signal that the airport extreme router gives. i currently have a belkin router, and im allways running into lost signal problems.
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    ME is the worst piece of crap OS that ever came out of Windows. No wonder why Apple doesn't support it.

    Installing Win2000 (or XP) and sharing your connection in that way would be the best way methinks.
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