Powerbook 12 inch is to heavy!



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    Dude you need a Bowflex or something.

    Seriously they need to stop this thin crap. They need to make a thicker vers (in ADDITION to this current line) of the 15 and/or 17" PowerBooks so they can stick a G4 in there. A G5 will doubtful fit in a current AL enclosure without burning your nuts (or labia) off.
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    Good thread.

    You buy a new laptop.

    Go on this forum and gripe about the Powerbook lead anchor.

    Then let everyone know you bought a new laptop well into the thread.

    Good luck.

    Usually we hear someone whine about how ridiculously expensive Macs are.

    Thank you for reinforcing what a lot of us know. When you compare feature for feature, Apple is extremely competitive and at times more inexpensive.

    Good luck with your purchase.


    Oops. I stand corrected looks like you bought it a little while ago....in October



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    Just grabbed myself one of these for my ultra-portable needs. Even though I would kill for an Apple sub 3lb I don't see it happening either. I think a 4.6 lb notebook doesn't come accross as small and light.

    # 10.4" XGA TFT LCD display with ClearDisplay finish

    # 1.6GHz Transmeta Efficeon? TM8800 processor, 40GB hard drive* and 512MB DDR SDRAM (expandable to 1024MB) "I maxed it out"

    # CD-R/RW & DVD-ROM optical drive

    # Built-in INSTANT PLAY feature, offering the ability to quickly start and play DVD videos or music CDs at the touch of a button

    # Included plug-in remote control with ear-bud headphones

    # Sharp's exclusive DirectHDTM technology that makes file transfer between two PCs as simple as dragging and dropping

    # Built-in 802.11b/g fast Wi-Fi wireless LAN technology

    # Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 with Advanced Security Technologies "I use BSD and Ecomstation"

    # Approximately 4-1/2 hour battery power "Actually it's more like 3.5 but it beats the Powerbook 12ers 2.5"

    # Includes Remote control, AC Cable, AC Adapter, Modem cable, DirectHD cable, Norton Antivirus?, WinDVD®, Corel® WordPerfect® Office, Drag'n Drop CD+DVD software

    # Dimensions: 10.1"W x 8.2"D x 1.22"(max)H

    # Weight: 2.8 lbs
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    I know I'm a bit late with this but...

    I've had my PowerBook 12 for 3 months now and its the perfect college companion. Except I get lots of weird looks from the teachers who see the glowing apple on back. It lasts me all day, usually 5-6 hours per day, as I have it on sleep for lunch and the display dims out when I'm not using it in class.

    I must say I have used it one handed, holding in the right palm and typing messages with the other, whilst walking downstairs.

    I saw Sony's new 10 incher with built in DVD writer drive the other day, and it's mighty impressive I must say. The resolution is slightly higher than the PB12s. It has a PCMCIA slot. It has a teeny tiny keyboard, unlike my fullsize one. It's also £1700, some £400 ($700 - $800 ?) more than I bought my PB12...
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    Originally posted by kcmac

    Oops. I stand corrected looks like you bought it a little while ago....in October

    Well Perry Mason here is right I did post that in October. In fact if you really did some researching you would have found out that the Sharp wasn't even shipping the MP30 then. They were just taking pre-orders, which is what I did. I changed my mind at the last moment when I heard the Sharp was not going to be Linux friendly, also since this is a windows machine I wanted to see some reviews. If I made that post sound like I had it, well I was excited. Not happy with rest of the subs on the market I also decided to wait. It wasn't until the other day when I was at the Sony store that I notice the new T series. This threw me back in the gadget research frenzy again. Now that two months had past there?s been plenty of people who have tried the Sharp MP30, a few IM's to them and the Sharp is back on the map. Coming to my thread here, I was frustrated. I like Apple portables but I wanted something smaller, a lot of people here think 4.7lbs is nothing when traveling. Well it is; I fight airports, conventions, hotels, small cars ect... I need/want small and convenient, my laptop for a year was a Psion NetBook.

    You guys really hate it when someone doesn't go Apple. There is no conspiracy or lying going on here.
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member

    Originally posted by Relic

    I?m getting tired of carrying a 4.6lb PowerBook. To keep my portable business, Apple needs to come out with a sub-notebook. The 12-inch feels and looks like a brick and is the farthest thing to road warriors dream. With the lack of a decent mobile processor I don?t know how Apple can go any smaller but with carbon Fiber now being used more dropping the dent magnet aluminum would be a start. This is thread is more of a rant but I can't help getting pissed when I see things like the Sharp MP30, 2.7lbs with a media drive.

    If you think that the 12 inch is too heavy for what it is, I recomend going to a gym and lifting weights...start with dumb-bells and work your way up to bench pressing the bar.
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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member

    Originally posted by a_greer

    If you think that the 12 inch is too heavy for what it is, I recomend going to a gym and lifting weights...start with dumb-bells and work your way up to bench pressing the bar.

    Maybe your right. My puny existence is getting kind of pathetic.
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    Originally posted by zimmian

    I've had my 12" for over a year and never, not once, thought it was too heavy. If you need to hold your laptop in one hand so you can do whatever it is you do with your other, I suggest you consider a PalmPilot or the like.

    Plus, what can you do with your laptop when you are talking on the phone with one hand and holding it with the other? Type with your nose?

    I can hold my 12" PB in one hand - I pass it around like that quite often!

    I always get the "wow! it's so small!" comments too. Main point for me is that I use my AlBook as my only computer. The smallness is good for portability, but hook up an external display (or just get exposé-proficient) and you can use it for working, video editing, coding etc...

    Try that on your 10" subnotebook!

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    your problem has been solved

    dump the 12" & use the this one instead

    free demo provided below


    it also works on the epoc or any cell with a


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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member

    Originally posted by madmax559

    your problem has been solved

    dump the 12" & use the this one instead

    free demo provided below


    it also works on the epoc or any cell with a


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    Relic, don't be angry. If you're little arms need a hug, I'll give you one. You got caught in a small white lie...no biggy. I think the fatal mistake of all things was complaing about something being heavy at 4.6 pounds. I flush more weight than that sometimes. Yes i feel relieved too when I'm no longer carrying that extra weight around, but it didn't surf the net, check email, or do anything besides cause me pain and suffering, kind of like this thread has to you. Flush it my man, let it go
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Relic, I've gotta ask - what the heck do you use the thing for? Seriously. Web, email, PIM, text editing, music playing?

    Get a PocketPC or Palm then. Really. You'll be happier.

    Widdle iddy biddy thingies.

    Oh wait, right, you wanted a DVD player. Aha. Grab one of those <2lb Panasonic DVD players with LCD screen. Voila. You're still under 3lbs, total.

    I still can't see how 1.5lbs and < 20 cubic inches makes a difference to anyone, but oh well. My 15" PB and I get along just fine with all of my travelling hither and yon.
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    And voila! Exactly the thing everyone who's not a rabid apple fanatic hates, the attitude. You can't simply be happy knowing that you're using a superior operating system on fantastically designed hardware. Can't you understand that someone might want a lighter laptop than the 12" Powerbook? Is it so hard to fathom that someone might want something that Apple currently doesn't provide? Sometimes I wonder what kind of brainwashing you braindead Steve zombies underwent to get to the state you are in. Let's look at the features that Relic here wants:

    - Light: He travels a lot. Hence space and weight are important. If you're just taking your laptop to school or work, you simply don't understand his plight so shut up. This has nothing to do with lifting weights, or being weak. Give me a break. You guys are just making up petty excuses to justify your own Apple-vision(TM).

    - Optical drive: It's obvious laptops with the types of features he wants exist. It is possible to get the kind of laptop he wants, just not with Apple. It's frustrating.

    He obviously wants to stay with Apple, but DUE TO HIS NEEDS, can't. It's a market which Apple could address. They don't have to, and obviously choose not to. Can't you guys get off your high horses for a little while, and see that Apple isn't perfect? Their computers are not the best for everyone, and people who don't use them don't deserve the condecending commentary that you've given Relic. The sugggestions that you have given him are inane at best. PDA? Wait that doesn't have an optical drive, and is very awkward... Portable DVD player... no, that isn't a general purpose computer. And for those of you getting on his back about a previous post he made about ordering a non-Apple (gasp) notebook, how is this a lie? He never said he was waiting to buy a notebook, preferably an Apple. No lie there. He's already cleared up any missing information that you've jumped down his throat assuming. He simply is stating that Apple is missing out on a part of a target market which he finds himself a part of. If he bought the Sharp subnotebook, nothing is stopping him from returning to buy a Powerbook subnotebook (should it exist) later. I'm sure he would willingly do it if possible. I'm a proud user of a Powerbook, but certainly not a member of the crazed masses which seem to be the majority on this board.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Chill dude. Your panties are riding too high.

    1) If he'd come out and said up front "Here are the specs I need, here are the features I could do without, and in doing so, save some weight and space which are important to me...anyone have any suggestions?" we could have taken him seriously. He didn't, we won't. Simply whining "It's tooooo heeaaaaavyyyyy." isn't anything but painting a target on his back saying "Make fun of me."

    2) His attitude from the start was one of the spoiled consumer expecting the company to make their pet product, and like, yesterday dammit. Hence, again, subject of scorn, deservedly so.

    3) If a company doesn't make the product you want, after balancing out your desires, needs, and constraints, you go elsewhere. Duh. He has to decide if OS X is worth the size constraints he says he has. I can't imagine 1.5lbs being worth more than not having to deal with XP, but hey, if that's his level of criteria, that's his problem, not mine. If you're upset about having to go elsewhere, then *write the company*... coming on here and whining does absolutely *no* good. Talk about common sense.

    4) He still hasn't stated what he even wants to use it for. Start at that point, figure out your hardware needs to accomplish it, then look for the product that fits. Anything else is just idiocy. Sounds to me like he's just a gadget freak with too much change in his pocket, but I could be wrong.

    5) Assuming he's like most business travelers who carry around computers with 5x the power that they *need*, the PocketPC/Palm suggestion was 100% serious. It is very likely to be a better fit for his needs. The DVD playing is just pure entertainment... get a device for that that you can leave at the hotel during meetings, and *gasp* even less weight.

    6) 'zombies'? Talk about attitude. Brother.
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    There are also a number of handheld PCs on the market now.


    The OQO is obviously the big news, but there are several others as well, which don't have WiFi problems like the OQO.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Yup. There are some good teensy little items out there that offer good communications connectivity, and even a few that offer productivity office-orientated power. Much better than a laptop if you have space/weight constraints that you're serious about.

    Heck, when I travel, I take my *Newton*. IMAP, decent web support, WiFi, text editing, I even write code on it, ssh into my server at home, ftp up the files, and compile them there periodically to check it. I can even then CVS the code into the repository at the university. 1.5lbs, does everything I need. Teensy.
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