Shopping online without a credit card

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Just wondering, what's the best way to shop online when you're not old enough to have a credit card/checking account? Yeah, I know, "Ask your parents", but just for future reference, what's an easy way of making online transactions without a credit card?

I tried PayPal, but that seems to only be person-to-person, more Ebay-oriented than online-shopping oriented.

Somebody suggested a checking account in conjunction with some special Visa card that draws from a checking account...any info on this?

I really want to buy an X800 through ATI (20% discount, baby!), but don't know how.

thanks in advance for any suggestions


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    I think some banks offer those pre-paid Visa cards. The other option you're referring to is a checking account w/ an ATM/Debit card.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Okay, I see. I'll talk to my (really small) bank about it.

    Any other suggestions?
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