PowerMac 6200/75 CD tray jammed

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My friend bought an old (working) PM 6200 (with a 15" monitor) at a junk sale for AU$20. The only problem (other than being ancient ) is the CD tray won't open, it apparently whirs and grinds but fails to open.

Any suggestions on fixing the CD tray or replacing the drive with a newer model would be appreciated.

My friend is a musician (and therefore has little money , he also has 3 kids which doesn't help his plight ) but he would like to use this computer for even just basic stuff, ie. word processing, web surfing, email etc. He thinks the OS is original but isn't sure what version it is (possibly v3.0 - I haven't seen it running).

Is any of the above feasible and what is the most recent OS he could run, if he wanted to upgrade that?

Any info much appreciated.


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    wietwiet Posts: 3member
    The 6200 came with system 7.3.2 here in europe. There is a tiny little hole just under the cd-tray for mechanically removing CD's. The damn thing is one of the least upgradeable crippled bastards I have ever bought brand new for about 2000 dollars. (yeah, that's right, two thousand) and the only thing i could do was 'upgrade' the HD. Belief me, it's the worst of all worlds. Don't throw money at it. This 'retardo' little brother of the 601 first ppc.

    Kind regards, wiet
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    I had one of those bad boys and it will never be decent for web browsing. It's just too damn slow. Word processing is a maybe (like if you were to run Simple Text). By the way, there's a logic board recall for those models. I hope it's already been done, cause I think Apple stopped offering it like 10 years ago.
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    Thanks for your posts guys. I'll past the info on to my friend, I'm sure he'll be pleased... NOT!

    BTW. The OS is ver 7.3.1 (not bloody 3.0 - where in the hell did I get that from??? you can tell I'm a newbie, I have next to no experience with Macs pre OS X).
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