Moved to CH: My G4 Cube might be faster than your new Power Mac in a few months

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014 is reporting that Powerlogix might release dual 1.4 Ghz upgrade cards for the Cube. The cards would use the new 7457 G4 and offer 512 kb L2 cache and 4 mb L3 cache per processor. The processors will use less heat and power then current G4s because they are made on a .13 instead of .18.

If this does happen it will be pretty funny when Cube users can have a computer that is faster than the latest Power Mac. (the bus will still be slower but the enourmous cache will make up for this)

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    I can see the price tag now...::faints::
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    Moving to Current Hardware as this deals with the Power Mac G4 Cube and current G4 towers.
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