Powerbook Upgrade

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Yeah, this is another one of these threads.

but I need other people's opinion.

I need a laptop. I have the moeny for a Powerbook 17", but should I buy one now?

I need one, but I don't have to have one. Right now, I'm useing mostly my mom's iBook, I have a kickbutt "gaming rig" that I built late last year, but its a desktop, and its never convenient to use.

so this is my thing:

I"m a video editor, graphic designer, audio- recording nut. So i'm pretty much set on going with the 17 inch powerbook, maxed out.

I was waiting for this upgrade thinking(hopeing) it was going to be bigger than it was.

my main thing is that I need it before April, so waiting for the G5 powerbook is out of the question.. But i'd really like to get it sooner...like, now.

should I? will tiger be that big that I should wait on it? with the student discount I can get it for 99 bucks, but my mom and my sister have macs, so they would probably buy the family pack, making it pretty much free for me.

so I guess my question is, is something coming out right around the corner? will there be a 2GHz version with the release of tiger?

Is it worth waiting or should I buy it now?


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    Buy now. This is a brand-new update, so you will have the latest, for a while. There won't be new Powerbooks for Tiger, unless Tiger takes longer than expected.

    You can get the family pack upgrade with your family, so that will be fine.
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