please help a windows user to choose an appropriate apple

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i am currently a windows user and want to convert to an apple, hav wanted to since a long time but i think the time has finally come =) im so excited wen i'll b getting my mac... my basic motivation was after buying an iPod seeing how great apple stuff are =)

anyways i hav basically really basic or little knowledge on macs even after a couple hours of research

i concluded that i'm buying either an iMac or a mac mini



1.6 ghz


533mhz front bus



2 firewire

3 usb 2.0

17 in.



+256mb 75$

= 1375$


Mac mini



167mhz front bus



1 firewire

2 usb 2.0

+256mb 75$

+lcd monitor (roughly 450ish)

+apple mouse/keyboard 58$



i was just comparing the basic specs of the two computers i wud get.. and as you can see i will b buying a new monitor keyboard mouse if i buy a mac mini and i added 256mb to each one as i need at least 512 to run a computer =) so there's about 292$ difference btwn those 2 computers and i'd b getting..

+ 0.35ghz

+ a G5 instead of a G4

+ faster front bus

+ 40 gigs more in HD

+ 1 more firewire and usb 2.0

+ better graphics card

one of my questions are is a G5 have a significant improvement over G4? i know almost nothing of these so im asking you guys...

and im basically contemplating if i'm willing to spend that extra 300$ for these.. and if it's really worth it..

i kno the mac mini just released so there won't b new versions for a while.. but is there going to b a iMac revision soon? i can definitely wait if there's going to b a revision..

and when is the new osx tiger is it? coming out... should i wait for that too?

im sucha newbie in macs so i hope i'll get sum input for my questions.. thanks in advance =)


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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    I would go with the iMac, as the G5 it far more future proof than the Mac Mini with a G4.

    You want at least 512MB of RAM, personally for my last two macs I ordered them both with 512MB and then later up to 1GB which is really great, the main benefit with more RAM for mac is overall system performance rockets from 256MB to 512MB or more.

    As far as I can remember the iMacs should be up for a revision soon, however this will probably only happen when the Powermacs are upgraded, so it may not be for a while. Or if there update does happen soon, it will probably be a bump from 1.6Ghz to 1.8Ghz at the low end and 1.8Ghz to 2Ghz at the high end.

    Tiger is due out the 1st half of this year, so if you can wait, then it's advisable. In the end, what is most important, waiting for a higher spec mac or getting the ones out now?
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    heh thanks i think i'll go with the iMac..

    and probably wait for the revision...

    since i won't b getting it anytime soon.. i need da money =)

    and yes i'll b getting at least 512mb for ram..

    and im actually hoping that the revision will include 512mb as a basic...

    and if the tiger osx comes out... wil they put that in the revised iMacs?
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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    I don't see why not, as they've just done this with the Powerbook line, and laptop RAM is more expensive. It's about time Apple did this as well.
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    hm i went to crucial

    and they sell 512mb ram for 80$

    so that's much bttr deal than apple.. which is 75$ for 256mb more

    is it easy to install the ram manually?

    my dad's a computer engineer maybe he can do it?
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    i would go with the iMac G5, but if you could stretch the budget a little to get 768MB of ram. while 512 is certainly better than 256, the extra little bit will help with iLife and stuff.
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    Just to let you know,in a couple of new tests,the eMac and Mac Mini outperformed the iMac G5 out of the box.
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    The back of the iMac comes off with three screws, giving you easy access to its two regular size DIMM slots. You'll have no problem popping in a 512MB DIMM in the vacant slot. Just make sure you ground yourself on the iMac's power supply (i.e., touch it and don't walk around until you've plugged in the memory) before you installed it.
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    jidojido Posts: 125member
    If you are paying $1000+ anyway, it would be wiser to buy an iMac. The only advantage of the Mac mini is that you can choose your monitor.

    It is very easy to add memory in the iMac, even you can do it. It comes with detailed instructions on how to proceed. Note: this is not the case with the Mac mini.
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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member
    Go with the imac with the G5 chip and max out the memory.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    The iMac has 2 memory slots so its more upgradable. Also, the Hard Drive is a standard size serial ATA drive which should be much faster than the mini's laptop drive.

    The mini is a great machine. But if you're willing to spend a tad more, I'd go for the iMac.

    What monitor would you end up using if you went with the Mac mini?
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    Apple currently has refurb iMacs onsale, the 1.6 is $1099 and the superdrive 17" is a steal at $1299.(To find these look for the "save" Redtag in the apple store) I almost got one but instead I have a new 12" powerbook winging its way over the pacific. Switcher! W00T!
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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,075member
    If you have enough desk space free, you can get 21" CRT monitors for $100 or so on eBay - a mini + big CRT is what I chose.
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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    What will you be using the computer for?

    As an FYI, Dell is currently selling the 2005fpw 20" widescreen LCD for $549 in the Small Business section. Something to consider if you're thinking about the mini.
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    ah sorry guys

    i had a very very busy week of school

    anyways.. i talked to my dad

    and he told me that i'm probably only gonna use it for

    internet.. and casual stuff

    so i think i'll go for the mini..

    but before that im gonna buy the shuffle

    anyways thanks for the great input guys =)
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