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So the coming 970 is not the best-kept secret in the processor roadmap...

And the marketing folks at Infinite Loop and Chiat/Day are no doubt sequestered away generating brilliant marketing campaign ideas to help mark the paradigm shift from MOTO 32-bit to IBM 64-bit processing power.

In the interest of contributing to the Apple legend, we hereby open the floor for proposed marketing concept names and related promotional campaigns.

Let's hear your best predictions for the following:

Proposed Name:

Project Code Name:

Proposed Ad Jingle:

Key Selling Point:

i'll start.

Proposed Namet\t"PowerMacintosh 970"

Project Code Namet"McCartney"

Proposed Ad Jinglet"When I'm 64"

Key Selling Pointt"older boomers (64+) have more power and influence than 32 year olds, (shots of politicians and fat cats with trophy blondes on arm contrasted with 1984-ish wage slaves still working for the man in their 30s). Pre-installed with tax breaks, cruise vacations, and silvery grey streaks on top.

Proposed Namet\t"PowerMac 970"

Project Code Namet"Crayolabox"

Proposed Ad Jinglet"Paint it Black", "Over the Rainbow"

Key Selling Pointt"Double the creative colour capability of all previous systems.

Now with built in sharpener." Inkwell "crayon" telestrator function for Madden markups on Cinema Display. Case is crayon-safe for kids.

Proposed Namet\t"X 970"

Project Code Namet"Yeager"

Proposed Ad Jinglet"Rocket Man"

Key Selling Pointt"First home computer to break the '64-bit barrier' and fly faster than the sound of your jaw dropping".

Comes with pegged tachometer on the case and groovy leather jacket.

Proposed Namet\t"Mac 64"

Project Code Namet"Terabyte"

Proposed Ad Jinglet"Jaws theme"

Key Selling Pointt"First personal computer to bite off and digest memory in 1024Gb chunks. Top of the OS food chain."

Speed holes swapped for gills.

Maybe the best contribution can win a free 970 if Apple borrows your idea and credits you. <- hint to Steve... timestamped origins here>

enough responses and we can start a poll...

let's hear your suggestions...

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    You'll get locked for this. Nice ideas though. I'll give you a tip Post another 1000 times and then people will listen to you.
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    [quote]Originally posted by hamfistedbunvendor:

    <strong>You'll get locked for this. Nice ideas though. I'll give you a tip Post another 1000 times and then people will listen to you.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    and the logic behind a lock would be... ?

    this is speculation about future hardware

    albeit not of the mind numbing speculation about specs and endless bickering over whose clock frequency of DDR can beat up whose, but it is relevant to the marketing of upcoming products, and might lighten the droll statistical numerology of many threads in here.

    honestly, how many of these threads follow the identical formula, except people slug bus speed and configuration numbers instead of the actual marketing thinking

    as for only getting listened to after 1000 post... ours go up to 1100
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    I agree with you totally.

    I also think IBM or MOTO should be pushing their chips like intel do on TV etc. It get's them in the mind of the consumer.

    When they go to buy they think ding ding ding ding and wonder what on earth a PowerPC chip is
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    It's doesn't make sense for IBM to advertise the PowerPC since they do not offer this CPU in a consumer line.

    However, I do think your "When I'm 64" idea is cute. Then again, when have you ever seen anything on American TV that shows that older people have it better?
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    algolalgol Posts: 833member
    Proposed Name: PowerMac X7

    Project Code Name: Intel's Dirge

    Proposed Add Jingle: What Was That? Call it Intel's Dirge.

    Key selling points: Shows a dark room with all these Super Computers racked up on the wall. As the camera pans around the room you notice that the Computers are really PCs. You can here lots of computer noise and you can see the Intel inside sticker on them. On this huge modern desk rests a couple PCs and a new Powermac X7 with a 23" screen. Suddenly all the computer noise stops and you can see that the PCs have all crashed. A 1984ish human types into the PowerMac X7, "What was That?" It replies, "Call it Intel's Dirge."
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