RAZR V3 Review

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At the urging of Sunilraman here's my RAZR V3 review reposted from the "Whatever happened to the Apple [i]Phone?"

You can't use iSync via Bluetooth (you can with USB) oddly enough despite chairing the committee Motorola uses some weird bluetooth format. This applies to basically all their phones (except the A1000 series for some reason). Therefore no Sailing Clicker either.

On the up side the RAZR V3 does have Class 1 Bluetooth with a hundred foot range.

You can pair it with the Mac as a bluetooth device and transfer files, photos, audio, etc... that way. And yes, you can use mp3s as annoying ring tones

You can also use OnSync ($10) to sync via bluetooth for contacts only.

The UI is actually pretty good, if not as pretty as SE's. The main problem that some people have is the phonebook. The thing is there is a trick to it. The default is that all contacts show flat, this is a problem because the phone book only allows one phone number per person. So you have to scroll three versions of John Smith; John Smith Home, John Smith Mobile, John Smith Work. But you can set it to display primary contacts only and scroll sideways for the alternate contacts.

This is actually useful if one person has a lot of numbers.

The last phone I had, a Nokia, allowed 5 numbers per person; some of SE's phones only allow 3 numbers per person.

Oh, and Motorola likes having the phone numbers on the phone rather then the SIM card; this is the only way to assign caller ID photos to them (which do show up on the external screen when somebody calls, you have to resize them on the phone to show up properly though)

With the phonebook the way it is you can actually have different pictures for the same person at different locations (picture at home, picture at work, etc...) it's pretty cool that way.

Battery life is actually close to what they quote (7 hours talk, 10 days standby) if you only call people. Using bluetooth, playing games, etc... Naturally reduces the battery life.

Camera is great for a VGA (640 by 480) but it is still a phone camera; no flash, no autofocus. Basically its useful for MMS and getting photos of people for the caller ID and the odd snapshot. The glass lens, as long as it clean, makes for a decent photo for the megapixels.

Anything else people want to know?


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    thats disappointing, but i guess somewhat expected from a "1.0" model. you would think they still would have had more features put into it. here's hoping for the non-E0160 iTunes phone!
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    I am sort of a cell phone whore (Have owned 7 this year), and in my humble oppinion, the Razr is a nice phone but extremely over-priced.

    The phone to get right now in North America (850mhz supported), is the Nokia 6230. This phone does everything, and for hundreds less. The razor doesn't even have an expandable memory card, and also features motorola's mediocre phonebook.

    However I do plan on taking a serious look at the now SLVR V8 when that comes out hopefully Q3 2005
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    thanks electric monk !
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    Yeah I wouldn't have paid full price for it.

    Nevertheless I like it a lot.

    I would be upset over the memory, except I never use features that require memory (I hate mp3 ringtones, no need to have video on it, etc...) the only thing that fills it up are my Caller ID pictures.

    I needed the quad band so...

    Honestly I kinda like the phone book although I realize most don't.

    You're right about the Nokia 6230 though the S710a seems like a pretty good competitor.
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