Travelling abroad this summer. What to carry it all in??

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I am studying abroad this summer. I'm going to Britain for 3 weeks on a Travel Writing course via train I believe and I'm going to be in Ireland for 3 weeks doing a humanities course. After that I'm going with my dad to Istanbul and Rome.

Obviously, I'm a Mac user, I love my computer, I don't know how I'd go 6 weeks without it so I'm going to be using it to store all the various pictures and videos I take. So...that being said I'll have with me:

1.) 15 inch PowerBook G4

2.) iPod w/earphones of course

3.) Digital camera

4.) Video camera

5.) DV Casettes


and who knows what else

My question to the forums is what do I carry it all in? I'd love something like a backpack would be great that I could throw it all into for quick access. Anyone have any ideas?


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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Axio Swift Hardpack, baby!

    This thing's beautiful and I'll be getting one soon.

    Check out all the models at
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    With the 15" and all options including spare socks -Ya Gotta have wheels on them to give Your self a break of the weight.

    BackPacks Wheeled $100 - $170


    The one for 49 maybe history by now - it was ending an hour ago. But is the one I use.

    I keep a 50 foot network cable with if hotel has poor or no wireless. I roll it up as large as possible to fit the outer size of bag inside. This keeps it low profile & Tied with velcro mini straps.

    PowerBook is kept in Custom Sleeve "INCASE" from Apple Store. BlueTooth Mouse is with to surf hands off - Love It.

    No cookie crumbs in keys.

    The Bag like the Axio is def Nice - But I prefer to Travel as Stealth as possible. Although if I was doing most of the tour by VTX 1800 - then yea - Axio
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    qchemqchem Posts: 73member
    I like crumplers range of bags. IMHO they look great and at the same time don't look obviously like a laptop bag - less chance someone will try to steal it!
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    Being a bike messenger at various times in my life I have the following list,

    Messenger bags still actually made by bike messengers or ex-messengers personally. Since they're hand made they'll cost more, but are tougher, nicer and since couriers carry a lot of stuff, they will carry lots of stuff.

    Additionally most will do custom work for you.

    Bagaboo (

    BaileyWorks (

    Cocotte (

    Dank Bags (

    PAC Designs (

    Push The Envelope (

    ReLoad Bags (

    Under The Weather (

    Zo Bags (

    Offhand I'd recommend Zo first, the rest are all excellent too.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    Where are you staying... hotels or hostels?

    General advice: keep your bags as small as possible. I'm talking like thinking "do I really need this Xth pair of socks" and stuff like that. Don't forget, you can always buy something while you're there, including a pair of socks. And you'll be glad when you're lugging stuff over hill, dale, and train.

    I took my share of gear in 2001 so I'll have more to contribute later...
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    bka77bka77 Posts: 331member

    Originally posted by Qchem

    I like crumplers range of bags. IMHO they look great and at the same time don't look obviously like a laptop bag - less chance someone will try to steal it!

    second that

    Crumpler USA
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