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I am new to Apple's and I was wondering if there are any good media players besides iTunes that let me play wma,wmv, and real files?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    WMA/WMV are Windows Media Player only.

    Real is RealPlayer only.

    (Proprietary codecs and formats suck, don't they?)

    However... both of those applications are available for the Mac, and there are a couple of good *free* apps for playing them without resorting to installing WMP or RealPlayer: VLC and MPlayer.

    Personally, I prefer VLC. WMP and Real Player both have serious issues in comparison.
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    endymionendymion Posts: 375member
    You can now play wmv via Quicktime with flip4mac's new software and it seems to play better for most vids.
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    I've found that VLC plays windows media files better than Windows Media Player for Mac. WiMP for Mac is a giant turd that should be kept away from your system unless your life depends on it.

    Lots of folks swear by mPlayer, so give that a try too.

    My personal advice - if at all possible - is to destroy these windows media files you have. Use Secure Empty Trash so they vanish without a trace.
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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    At least on the XP version of iTunes, you can convert non-secure .wma files to .m4a.
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    lennox14lennox14 Posts: 2member
    Thanks for all the help, I got VLC player i seem to find that it works fairly well, but one problem I made before installing VLC player is that I installed Windows Media Player. Now everytime I try to delete it it syays I can not because it says the item htm is in use. Does anyone know what this means and how to delete WMP....thanks
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