Airport Express Update

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Has anyone heard any rumblings about an update to the Airport Express. I am looking for a way to stream my iPhoto collection and my iMovies to my big screen wirelessly. I was hoping Apple may update the express with video capabilities soon.


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    lungarettalungaretta Posts: 194member
    I've not heard anything other than a _dacp._tcp service has now been added to iTunes ( ).

    So here's my theory:

    Airport Express 2.0 will have a firewire port on it so that you can attach your iPod. The iPod will also have an update that takes advantage of iTunes' new service.

    The iPod as well as charging from the socket will behave as a remote control. Click fast forward on the iPod and that message will be passed wirelessly to iTunes. The iPod interface behaves as normal where you can rate tracks, change volume etc. it's just the iTunes library that will be affected.

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