Live 8 (and eBay)

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So here in the UK we have had Bob Geldof moaning at eBay for letting users sell the "free" tickets. Have a look at the BBC News pages to get the gist of it, if you aren't aware (not sure how much news spreads out of the UK).

This situation has really peed me off. I wasn't too happy when Damon Albarn of Gorillaz and Blur, complained that there wasn't enough black artists taking part and Geldof responded that only the artist selling high amount of records would get the event noticed.

Then complaints came in from another band (can't remember who) to say that there should be a tax on the record sales of the artists taking part as they would enjoy increased sales. Bob's response was that if they sell more CDs, then better for them.

Now coming to this eBay thing. Geldof complains that users shouldn't be allowed to sell the Live 8 tickets, as they were free. Well £1.50 to enter a lottery to win tickets... eBay's first response was to let it happen because it's not illegal to sell concert tickets. Then Geldof suggests boycotting eBay and the result was all the auctions having million pound bids and members having their membership removed.

Then eBay gave up and banned the sale of Live 8 tickets. Which really peed me off. Geldof on one hand is saying the acts can enjoy increased sales, yet people who have extra tickets cannot sell them to make a profit. Bill Thompson's BBC blog mentions his disliking of the situation and goes further to evaluate the freedom of the internet.

This situation was appalling on Geldof's part and it's a shame eBay gave in. None of those protesting users should have got their eBay accounts back...


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