Burn iDVD projects on PC DVDburner???!!

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(not sure if this is "application" or "hardware" material..Please move to correct place if needed. I also cannot seem to find any other article in the forum that answers my questions but if however there does exist one , please direct me to it before you decide to delete my post. thanks)

Ok so...I have a 12" iBook G4 without a superdrive (obviously), however I do have a DVD recorder on my PC (from my dark side days). I was wondering, can you save the iDVD projects somehow, copy tha saved file to PC and burn the DVD from there??

I read on a couple of sites that you can save the entire iDVD project as a fully encoded .img file. Then you mount that .img file using disk utility and convert it to a .iso or .cdr file again using disk utility.

I know that .iso is compatible with the software I want to use (Ahead Nero 6) I just don't know how and IF this will work.

Has anybody tried this??? did it work??? and even more importantly, if it DID work, did the Apple-style menus etc also appear and work?????

Any help/replies would be truly appreciated.



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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    Why don't you just give it a shot yourself? You may potentially waste one blank DVD, but you may also get yourself a spankin'-ass DVD project.

    Another way would be to get a 5.25" external enclosure, take that DVD burner out of your PC, and connect it to your Mac. Then use one of those hacks to make iDVD recognize your burner, and just burn it from there.

    More info here
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    tzallastzallas Posts: 17member
    IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!

    I cannot begin to explain how happy I am!!

    Ok...Just in case someone is in the same situation as me and wants to burn an iDVD project on a PC DVD Burner, here are the steps...

    1. Once you have finished your project and checked that it flows nicely via preview...go to File>Save As Disc Image(or shift+command+R for short).

    2. Once iDVD finishes creating a disc image out of your entire project (.img file)...find that .img file, double-click it so it mounts and you can see it in the Finder.

    3. After it mounts, open tha Disk Utility application...in the left hand side column you should be able to see your disc image (under your hard drive)....select the image and then click on the Convert button. When it asks you what format you wand to convert to, select "CD master .cdr" from the drop down menu. Give it a name so you can distinguish it from other files and save it.

    4. Now take this new .cdr file and move it on to your PC. Once on your PC, change the format from .cdr to .iso

    5. Once changed, right-click the file and choose to open it with your burning software (in my case I used Ahead Nero 6)...since it is a .iso file it should load and be ready for burning. (.iso format is widely recognized by the majority of burning software)

    6. Unless you want to make some changes eg. Burn speed, Name of DVD etc all you have to do now is just press burn!

    Now you can enjoy Apple's fantastic looking menus even if you don't have a Superdrive.

    Just for clarity, this will obviously work for other Macs aswell...so for example if you haven't a Superdrive on your iBook but a friend of yours does then all you have to do is move your .img file to his Mac and burn it from there! (obviously in the case of another Mac you don't have to convert to .cdr because Macs recognize .img files)

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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    Well, I'm happy for you too.
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    albertoalberto Posts: 71member
    thx for the tip, it will be usefull to me
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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    ISOs are da BOMB !

    nice tip. my neighbour has a PC DVD burner.
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