HELP!!! - How do I sabotage/KILL an Old G4?!?!



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    dobbydobby Posts: 794member
    Rest a descent magnet on the chips on the motherboard.

    Ta Da! One Screwed mac!

    Water does a similar job but its a bit dangerous.

    A square 9v battery held across the side of some of the legs also is a damaging but hard to trace fault.

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    I once managed to desperatley crash my powermac by some stupid experiment. Allthough it was in Jaguar.

    You have to set the primary account permission on your boot drive to "no access".

    The mac simply won't boot.

    That was the only way btw that I found to make the mac useless.

    oh once you changed the permission don't forget to "apply to enclosed items"

    After that you simply reboot.

    P.S.: The problem is solved by reinstalling the OS from a boot cd. if you don't want them to do that you should install open firmware password.
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    is there a way you can turn the fan off and then it would just cook its self
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    Stick it into your oven and set it to bake ... just keep the fire extinguisher handy should anything go wrong. Also, throwing scratched and bad CD's / DVD's into the microwvae can be entertaining ...
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