No news on itunes stores today

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There will be new stuff for the itunes store tomorrow.. There's still no news songs today as usually. So many no version of the itunes store?


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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    And no new music email. I suspect it'll all go live tomorrow after the announcements. I'm expecting big things.
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    in fact, news songs are here... but the first page (that is the same of last week) doesn't mention them... and do you know what... do a research under MADONNA...

    She's here.. ALL HER ALBUM ARE NOW ON ITUNES... for the first time in the itunes history. On the USA store... and the same on the swiss store...

    So, all that story about Madonna for the promotion of the iphone could be true...

    they are just waiting the presentation tonight to change the main page of the itunes store....

    Just a little while to wait!!!!!
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