"Dell iPod" or "iPods are the new Velcro"

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So, I was cruising around Webshots this evening and did a search on "iPod." One of the pictures that resulted was this wrongly named music player.

Could it be? Is it possible that when people talk of their iPods, they're often not talking about an Apple product? Is "iPod" becoming the next Velcro, Xerox, and Kleenex?


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    fngfng Posts: 222member
    At least they didn't call that knock off "Apple iPod".
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    well the guy that posted the "Dell iPod" pic is obviously an idiot because he bought a Dell Jukebox or whatever they're called. I'm not saying the iPod is the only mp3 player out there, but the Dell thing is not a good second, third, or fourth choice.
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    She also has a fair bit to say about velcro too

    I hate velcro

    I prefer saying hook and pile fastener myself... sounds neat.
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    Well I've just noticed CD-Wow has an "iPod" section up top to represent MP3 players...

    ...and digital cameras?? What the hell!
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    lorrelorre Posts: 396member
    Well, that isn't really a bad thing now is it?

    This friend of mine has an iRiver MP3 player and when people ask him hey what's that? He says: it' an iRiver, kinda like an iPod.

    Besides iPod is prolly a registered trademark and Apple can sue everyone that uses it the wrong way.

    to add a few to your list: Playstation and Jeep
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    Originally posted by Lorre

    to add a few to your list: Playstation and Jeep

    and Hoover. Probably the worst case there is...
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