iSync won't remove device.

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I no longer use a PocketPC and have gone back to Palm. When I start iSync, there is a Palm icon and a PocketPC icon. To remove that PocketPC icon I go to "Devices" and then "Remove Device" and it goes away. Perfect! However, the next time I start iSync, the PocketPC icon is there again just as before. How I do I delete it permanently from iSync, not just that one session but every time I start it?

BTW, I am using Tiger 10.4.2 and iSync 2.1.


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    I received assistance to this problem at the Apple website and I am posting it so that others who may have this problem in the future can do a "search" and find it here. Thanks to Michael Lafferty who found this solution and posted the reply.

    "According to the technical support group at Information Appliance Associates, you need to follow these instructions to remove PocketMac completely:

    To manually remove PocketMac plugins from iSync in Tiger, here is what you do:

    navigate to the iSync application in your Applications folder

    right-click or control-click on iSync, and choose Show Package Contents

    open the Contents folder

    open the Plugins folder

    locate the Plugin named PM, Entourage or PocketMac that you want to delete, but sure to leave the other conduit.syncdevice folders alone

    drag the folders you want to remove to the trash, then empty it"
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