Are there sports score apps for the menubar or dock?

in macOS edited January 2014
Anybody know if there are sports score apps for the menubar or dock? I use some dashboard scoreboards but I don't like having to active them manually. I want something that sits up in the menubar or down in the dock so I can just glance at it.

Thanks to all who answer.


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    You could get something like this:

    News Ticker

    And find an RSS feed.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Or you could grab one of the sports widgets and drag it onto the desktop.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Dang that trick is neat. Just read about that. They sooo need to spread the "Hot Tips" thing to the Finder and ALL other little Apple apps. it's like the Finder Hints from System 7. Mm and then the Apple Guides..
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