Feature on iPods with coloured screens. Does this exist?

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hey there,

im getting a 5G iPod soon but i was wondering if the following feature exists:

A similar idea to the idea behind 'Clutter' a great little application that means you can leave your CD cover artworks lying around on your desktop - similar to leaving popular CDs you own near your CD player. It's a bit like a reminder so that you play them.

Anyway, can any of the coloured iPods do something similar? That is display cover artworks as thumb nails (similar to what i believe it can do with images) and then you can scroll through them, until you see something you want to play?

i think this is a great idea for those of us who can be pretty indecisive about their music, and it uses images that are already there anyway.

So if anyone knows the answer, that'd be great.



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    Uh...I'm pretty sure you can't. I have a nano and I haven't found that feature yet.
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    sounds like a REALLY APPLEY idea though
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    Here's what i sent to Apple's iPod Feedback team:

    "This feature should be included in soon-to-be-released firmware update for all iPods with a colour screen:

    Similarly to how such iPods are capable of displaying a collage-esque arrangement of images on screen, they should be able to show Album Artwork in such a manner. Selecting a cover and hitting Play would then go to that album, ie Music/Albums/*Insert Album Name Here*. Of course you could then choose either to play the album in it's entirety or an individual track.

    This is similar to how the application 'Clutter' (http://versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/18699) works. It lets you drag album artwork onto your desktop so that it 'clutters' it up, and by browsing through your CDs you may decide upon, or remind yourself, what you want to play.

    Basically this is a feaure for those indecisive music lovers."

    Hopefully we'll see this soon on all coloured iPods
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