Mac parts in Houston?

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Everywhere else I've lived there have been Mac resellers with parts bins, etc. where you could drive over and look around for upgrades, cheap parts, closeouts, etc. Does anyone know of any resellers like that in the Houston area? Shreveport is a little far to drive.


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    The MicroCenter on San Felipe and the Loop has a small section of [mostly older] parts and upgrades. The selection is small, though...

    Also, the Houston Area Apple Users Group has a swap meet twice a year (the next one is in either January or February).

    Their website it
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    There was also a place up on 45 (east side frontage road) ... near The Woodlands... I believe it was called "Harvest Computers" ... was an Apple Authorized repair center. I haven't had any reason to call on them for a couple years, so I don't know if they're still in business or not.
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