iBook Logic Board Repairs...

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How many time have you sent your iBook in for a logic board replacement?

I've sent mine in once so far (iBook G3 800mhz), but a whitevertical line has recently appeared on my display and it blocks out text, distorts graphics, etc. So I'm about to be on two... Mostly, I'm just wondering how everyone else has fared.

One more question, has Apple ever replaced your logic board and lcd in the same repair? This happened to me, and I'm curious to see if it's common procedure.


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    I had to get my iBook G3/800's logic board replaced. The problem was that whenever I started up, nothing showed up on the screen.

    I also had to get my Combo Drive fixed on it, but that was at a different time.

    Now it's better than ever, no problems except (this was mostly my fault for not knowing what I was doing) whenever I had to force it to shut down because of a crash or something (using what I THOUGHT was the correct combination, fn-shift-ctrl-option-command-power button), the next time I turned it on, if it was booting from the battery, it would shut off shortly after booting. Plug into power, no problem. I asked an Apple Genius, and it turns out I was resetting the power management system or something like that. The odd thing was, that this only started happening half a year ago, and anytime before that, use the combo, and it worked fine. I've owned this iBook since November 2002. Maybe I wore it out?

    Anyway, enough of my rambling.

    Good luck with your iBook.
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