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Has anybody here tried to deal with the iTunes Store Customer Support? I have sent them two emails from their web page form, and each time I just get a Downloading Music 101. They obviously didn't even read it.

Basically I purchased an item and then iTunes ceased to respond right when the download would be done, so now I don't have the file in my library, but the iTMS system thinks that I do. Using the [Check for Purchases] function does not work (I know how it works, I've used it in the past with success.)

Their emails just say "your title appears to still be in the download queue." Hey, I am not an idiot! I know that my download is not still in the download queue. Yes, I do have the latest version of iTunes which is working, in fact I successfully downloaded two items after the one in question.

So, anyway. Does anyone know how to get them to seriously look into the issue?


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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    I have, and they responsed within 12 hours. I had a HD failure and lost all my iTMS-purchased music (not that much, but still). I sent them an e-mail (on midwinter's advice ) and they let me re-download all my music that I purchased.

    I must admit, it went pretty smooth.
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    Wow, that's really nice of them. Did you just use the support form that you get from clicking Support on the help menu?
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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    Yes. Correct. I was pleasantly surprised to see a pretty long e-mail with detailed explanations written by an actual dude sitting in front of a computer instead of the generic stuff that they may have sent.
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    Just ask them to clear your download queue and then regrant the song in question (include your order number).

    You might also have to log out of the store and log back in... sometimes the network just needs to be refreshed.
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    That's more or less what I have been saying in my reports. I have sent them four emails. The last two, sent Tuesday and Thursday, have not received replies. And the first two, I got exactly the same reply, with instructions (for computer illiterates) on how to download things.
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    Did you ever get this resolved?
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    Yeah, I did finally. They eventually replied and re-activated the file for downloading. I'm pretty sure that they were not really reading my emails and just assumed that I did not know how do download stuff. I started using more uppercase though, maybe that caught their attention.
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