mac antivirus?

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ok im really confused. i thought macs didnt get viruses or rarely did at least so why do i see so much anti virus software like norton for mac? thanks


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    It's a gimmick, the only thing Mac OS X AV does is protect you from sending virii to Windows PCs. Don't buy it unless you want the virus
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member,00.htm

    Umm no. It's a gimmick like he said, exactly. For gullible suckers.

    It causes problems, and is in general a solution to a nonexistent problem. It's snake oil.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    If you want peace of mind, check out ClamX. I installed it a few months ago just for the halibut. I actually found a virus on my brother's Senior video DVD! That's gotta suck. (Dummys)

    I don't know if ClamAV is good or bad, but in Unix world, it seems pretty popular. Plus you can't beat the price.
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    Got Norton system tools or whatever two years ago and for just a little extra got the whole shabang with virus blockers etc. DO NOT REPEAT MY MISTAKE.

    Norton slows your whole system down and continually runs long defs downloads for windows viruses.

    I now cannot get all of the elements of Norton out of my system for some reason. Have been to the doctor a couple of times but the medicines just donn't work. Oops. Wrong problem! Do not insttall Norton under any circumstances.

    Personally, I sometimes wonder if the companies that producce virus protection software don't produce the viruses, too, in order to guarantee business for themeselves. The programmers they get for the Mac versions are not as easily corrupted as their evil windows counterparts, making for the elements of a really good movie.
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