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in Mac Software edited January 2014
Have I read the apple site correctly? From my understanding, if I buy a new iMac or Macbook Pro (what a tough name to say), most of my 'pro' apps will not work on it: final cut pro v5, virtual pc, office for mac, photoshop cs, etc. etc.

Do i have to wait until apple comes out with universal versions of all these programs? What the heck are people going to be doing with their new computers until the universal apps come out?


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    They will work fine ... they will simply run under "rosetta".

    Kinda like OS9 apps running in Classic ... only much more transparent.
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    Most apps will be OK under Rosetta, but VPC will not run. VPC 7.x is directly tied to the PPC and there will be a need to wait for VPC 8.0 before you will be able to use it on a Mactel of any type.

    MS "might" be able to do this rather fast as they have VPC running on Intel PCs, but I can't move until 8.0 is out. Just as well as right now all I can afford is ilife 06!
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