iBook G4 800MHZ replacement HD

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Hi all,

Please excuse my ignorance, as I am new to the mac world. I recently purchaced a used iBook G4 800 Mhz to start playing around with the platform.

I've been thinking about upgrading the hard drive, but have a simple question ... will any hard drive work, or are there specific hard drives for macs?

Also, once I get the drive, I assume I can just boot into my OS X cds and go from there .. is this correct?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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    2.5" Hard Drive for laptops. Any brand will do. You can get 5400 or 7200 rpm drives and any capacity as long as it is a 2.5" HD (not the usual 3.5" found in desktops). And it cannot be a SATA iterface (it needs to be an ATA-6 interface), only the new MacBook Pro's are SATA.
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    Thanks !!!

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