Intel iMacs, what's your verdict?

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Hello, a new switcher and Apple fan here...

I'm refreshing the Apple order tracking page desperately waiting for news of my new 20" iMac, I can't wait! It should be here early next week.

I always intended to make my switch when Apple went to Intel since it seemed like a good jumping point. I'm reading everything people are writing and while I expected the benchmark results to be too good to be true (I'm a Computer Science undergraduate) I wasn't expecting some of the negative stuff.

My real question is, as someone who has had an iPod since November (they upgraded my 20Gb colour to a 30Gb video, very good customer service) am I going to be disappointed or really notice anything bad.

Bear in mind that I don't intend on using much more than the programs that come with it (I'll maybe start programming on it and general day-to-day stuff, but I'll still cling onto my XP machine for now)...

Any thoughts would be great...


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    I think you will end up loving your new machine. Even though there arent alot of native programs written for it yet you can still run off rosetta, but if you are going to mainly use the programs that come loaded on it they will run perfectly fine. Good luck with it and welcome to Apple!
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,341member

    I love'em.
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