OSX Tiger 10.4.3> Speech will not turn off...

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Help please!

I wasn in Qauark 6.5 running thr funtcion keys F5-F8 withj perhaps <accidentally?> holding down an option key. Now my speech is repeating everything I do and I'm getting a black square around all items I selceted and even my keboard would not work doing a Command-W on trying to close windows. Trashed finder, speech and sys prefs in my persoanl user account to no avail.

Speech is off in sys prefs as well and even toggled on and off several times and also ran Applejack.

Any ideas??

Plese help.


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    jabohnjabohn Posts: 533member
    Did you check the Universal Access pane in System Preferences? Perhaps you accidentally enabled something there.
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    satchsatch Posts: 19member

    Thanks...I accidentally ht Command - F5 which turns on Universal access

    All fixed!


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    You can disable unwanted key commands via System Preferences-->Keyboard & Mouse-->Keyboard Shortcuts
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