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alrighty, heres the lowdown on my problem:

my itunes says 20.23 gig,blah blah blah my ipod says 20.23 gig blah blah blah, but the ipod section on my itunes says 3.56 gig blah blah blah. so all the songs are thoretically on my ipod, but only a fraction of them can played wtf is goin on? anyone else had this problem

thanks (sorry for being long-winded)


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    Don't know what's going on, but did you try and reset your ipod (with the ipod updator that should be in your utilities folder) and then restore all of the music to see if that fixes anything?
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    thanks but i got it figured out if anyone else has this problem, just pm me and i can help
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    why not just post it so it's available when people search for the problem?
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    Ok i will, i was in a hurry last night.

    heres what u need to do: set your ipod to update only the checked songs then select all then right click on the check box, then update ur ipod. also after this i had to reset my ipod as it wouldn't turn off. all u need to do is: toggle the hold sswitch a few times then hold the menu and center button till it turns off.

    well, there ya go
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