Ram for Powerbook

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I have a 15" powerbook

with a 1.67ghz G4 and 128mb ATi 9700

it currently has the stock 512mb Ram in it

What type of ram should i get for it

will there me any difference in pc 2700 and pc 3200

i kno if i mix the current 512mc (pc2700) with a 1gb pc3200 it will still run at 2700 speeds, but what im concerned about is future upgrades like if i wanted to put another 1gb pc3200 stick in. would it make a difference?

also do the powerbooks support dual channel?


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    Is this the last PB or the one before that? The last PB uses DDR2 RAM, but the one before that uses DDR RAM. If we're talking about the second last one, then running PC3200 will not be a problem for now.

    If you replaced your 512MB with another PC3200, that is, have both PC3200 sticks, the system will still run at PC2700 speeds. The limit is not due to the RAM, but due to the motherboard.

    And no, they don't support dual channel.
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