Swapping 400 card for 500 in Pismo...anything else to it?

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I recently arranged to swap my Pismos 400 MHz card for someone's 500 MHz card.

I took mine out sent it away and just got the 500. I put it in, put the heat sink back on etc etc. but now my Mac won't boot.

I know its getting power b/c the battery lights will glow plus the CAPS light will glow.

So is there anything I'm missing or is this card worthless, in which case I may have been had.


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    jmpjmp Posts: 31member
    I did this swap on my own pismo (several months of use no problems) and have also tried it short term on several others testing parts (I repair broken pismos in my spare time-started as a hobby, after I taught myself to do basic mac maintenance for my department). Swapping processors has always worked fine for me, no problems whatsoever, just boots right up. You've either got a bad part or a loose connection. Try reseating the processor module, be sure to remove the upper RAM module before you try to snap in the processor module, having the RAM in makes it much harder to push the module snugly into place. It should snap in firmly-if you can easily pull it back out without a click, it's probably not seated well. I'd also suggest you very carefully examine the connectors to/from the motherboard and also for the RAM as it's not difficult to bend the pins. Even if there's no CPU installed, the battery will charge , and the caps lock will light, but the hard drive will not spin up and there will be no startup gong and the LCD will not light up. Good luck, john
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    modmod Posts: 7member
    great advice..thanks
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    croatoncroaton Posts: 7member

    Did you shut your computer off completely when doing the install? With the AC adapter unplugged, main battery out AND the PRAM battery unplugged?

    "It should snap in firmly-if you can easily pull it back out without a click, it's probably not seated well."

    That likely could be the problem but it does not click into place as such. Press firmly & directly over the socket but make sure it slides into place first, you can feel it going into position. You have to press fairly hard though. The first time you install one you will likely think that goes in hard. You have to push as hard or harder than seating a DIMM.

    I hope this helps!
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    modmod Posts: 7member
    I've just had no luck..the kid even sent me a second card to try and he swears they both worked in his Pismo.

    Does anyone know how I can check the motherboard connections? Although I can't see how they would have loosened on thier own...
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    modmod Posts: 7member
    GOT IT! I wasn't seating it properly...the trick was to push until I heard a very distinct click..after that all was wel! Thanks!

    PS..the speed difference is immediately noticeable and significant
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