Console.log question

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I found this particular message --


Apr 5 14:21:47 NameofOwner-Computer configd[86]: SecKeychainFindGenericPassword err= -25308 ( =0xffff9d24) (current= nameofAirportnet)

-- in the console log files. Can someone explain it to me?

Something to worry about? Actually i can't determine, if my

Network got an issue, because everything seems to work

as supposed to. Just out of curiosity.

EDIT: Fixed some errors


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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    Try running Keychain First Aid.
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    vox barbaravox barbara Posts: 2,021member

    Originally posted by Chucker

    Try running Keychain First Aid.

    Did so. told me: "no problems found."

    However the console message remains the same.

    Btw, feel free to edit the name of the thread into

    "Console message question" or whatever fits better

    to the threads info.
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